Our Services

Services - We Do
  • New Hospital Construction
  • Existing Hospital Renovation
  • State of Art Modular ot
  • ICU, Labour Ward, IVF Setups
  • Pharmacy and Lab Establishment
  • Blood Banks and Blood Storage Centres
Solutions - We Provide
  • Make your Building – Green
  • Hospital Management Software
  • Hospital Facility Management Services
Support - We give
  • Building Related Licenses, Statutory Clearances
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Hospital Infra Structure Audit
HealthCare Construction
New Hospital Construction

We are Creating a culture of patient safety through innovative healthcare design by following, 'Design and Develop' model, evolved from the current medical infrastructure requirements, offers a holistic response that promotes the easy process through integrated and innovative technology. From healing gardens to high-tech research labs, our diverse range of healthcare construction expertise has helped solidify our position as a 'Trusted Team' in medical infrastructure facility.

While many contractors struck in critical aspects of a project, we work hands-on with a full staff of preconstruction and construction professionals with expertise in healthcare specifically. We don't leave your schedule, cost or quality to chance. And most of all, work in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care and patient, staff and visitor safety. We strive to build a better solution, every time, and every day which can truly make the world a healthier place to live.

Since we take care of the plan, design and develop the healthcare infrastructures, the healthcare community needs to take care of their only business.

HealthCare Renovation
Hospital Renevation

Getting along with the fast paced technologically updating is the buzz word. Expansion, renovation, installation and usage of new machinery and equipments is another key area for UNIMED.The need for hospitals to be renovated is increasing due to the availability of better infrastructure in the neighboring healthcare providers.

Facility assessment of existing structures and development of a plan for correcting functional and spatial deficiencies is a major challenge.

The objective of Renovation is not only to provide a better look & ambience of the available space but also to add more services & create best utilization of the space.

Modular OT
Modular OT

With increasing resistance to various drug therapies and antibiotics and faster rate of mutation in microorganisms adapting to new environments and medications, it has become need of the hour to develop OTs which are not only totally sterile but also have integration with new technologies and capable of meeting requirements of future needs.

The level of automation must be on highest possible level to extend assistance in operation procedure and at the same time involvement of human judgment based on the technical support is not compromised. The most important function and feature of an OT is to prevent patient risk of post operative infection. Besides, other salient features are to stop generation of micro organisms, to retain the OT under positive air pressure, maintain highest safety standards, highest levels of hygiene and to minimize the maintenance.

Make Your Building – Green
Green Building'

We incorporate Sustainable “Green” Building Practices in our company protocols. We are tuned in to common sense and cutting-edge technologies, products and practices that result in a finished product that is healthier, longer-lasting, and more energy efficient – often with minimal or no impact to the budget.

What is Green Buildings:

  • Provide a healthier and more comfortable environment
  • Improve long-term economic performance
  • Incorporate energy and water efficient technologies
  • Use recycled content materials in their construction
  • Reduce construction and demolition waste
  • Bring higher resale value
  • Are landscaped for water and energy efficiency
  • Improve Include renewable energy technologies
  • indoor air quality
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Are easier to maintain & built to last

Green buildings can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible.

The most tangible benefits are the reduction in water and energy consumption right from day one of occupancy. The energy savings could range from 20 - 30 % and water savings around 30 - 50%.
The intangible benefits of green new buildings include enhanced air quality, excellent daylighting, health & wellbeing of the occupants, safety benefits and conservation of scarce national resources.

Hospital Management Software
Hospital Management Software

With the help of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and integration and synchronization of technological developments in the field of ICT with that of equipments and machinery in use leading to higher automation and accuracy in operation and assessment, UNIMED supports in fetching better results in healthcare management.

We provide end-to-end service, focused on specific vertical segments on enterprise technology solutions which is customer centric and leading to their business transformation and re-engineering. This is done through a team of professionally gleaned peoples with specialized man years of experience in each of the respective verticals.

Our HMS is fully geared up to meet the demands of running a multi-specialty Hospital or a Clinic. It’s a comprehensive and integrated Hospital Management System designed and developed in a state-of-the-art web based technology.,

Software has been conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience in healthcare & IT industry. The system incorporates the best healthcare practices and designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients